CSA Week 12: Katydid Days of Summer
Expected Harvest
It's a Summertime Thing
by Farmer Dana
Harvest #12 (Week B) should include watermelon, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, scallions, fresh garlic, sweet peppers, hot peppers, okra, basil, dill, cilantro, and Italian dandelion. U-pick should include tomatoes (cherry, grape, plum), tomatillos, husk cherries, blackberries, snap beans, flowers, and herbs.
Notes From The Field
A Beautiful Week
by Farmer Derek

The first watermelons out of the field just had to be sampled.
Sometimes mother father weather deity treats us kindly and lovingly. A brutally hot heatwave that was sandwiched by just the right amount of precipitation was followed by wonderful sunshine, cool nights, and low humidity. July just might be our most difficult month on the farm, and it's so close to being over. We enjoyed a busy and productive work week. The march of weekly transplanting continued with the first rounds of fall beets, chard, and kale going in the soil along with the 18th succession planting of lettuce. The few thousand feet of fall broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and rutabaga were cultivated for the first time. Outdoor plantings of tomatoes were pruned and trellised again. Seeds were sown into thousands of cells. Compost was spread following the harvest completion of more spring and early summer crops such as peas, strawberries, and garlic. Cover crops will soon be sown there to protect and nurture the soil through the rest of this season and the winter. Yields of many summer crops are nearing peak production and weights of produce continue to provide ample upper and lower body exercise. Into August we're about to ascend and we look forward to another great month of organic farming.

The first of hopefully four full truckloads from a productive watermelon patch.
Workshifts for Week of 7/29/19
by Farmer Derek

Transplanting beets (and chard and lettuce and kale) at the tail end of last weekend's heat wave just before some nice soaking rain.
Workshifts scheduled for this week:
  • Wednesday (7/31) 9-11am
  • Wednesday (7/31) 6-8pm
  • Friday (8/2) 9-11am
  • Sunday (8/4) 7-9am (special early-riser and heat-beating start time!)
Workshift sign-up instructions may be found here. Calendar is here.
If it is actively raining during the time of the shift it will be canceled.
Upcoming Event: Potluck!
by Farmer Dana

Monarch butterfly larva on milkweed.
Saturday, August 17th, 5-8pm: Potluck in the pavilion. Meet and mingle with your farmers and other CSA members. Bring a dish to share, your own place settings, and a beverage of your choice. The meal should be followed by a small fire and perhaps even live music. S'mores anyone?