2019 Late Fall CSA Week 1: Welcome!
Expected Harvest
Commence the Late Fall!
by Farmer Dana

There's some beautiful big tender arugula coming out of the Hoop House this week! Here we're removing the inner cover from the low hoops during this brief warm up. This cover goes on crops when temperature lows are forecast below 25 degrees. Outside it dropped to 19 Saturday morning. Inside it stayed above freezing.
Late Fall Harvest #1 (Week A) should include potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, kale, arugula, radicchio, cabbage, napa/chinese cabbage, rosemary, and some roots like hakurei turnips, kohlrabi, celeriac, radishes, and beets. Herbs will be available for u-pick.
Notes From The Field
Late Fall is Underway!
by Farmer Derek

Marveled at the leaf size of the tender arugula growing in the Hoop House.
Welcome to the 8th annual Late Fall CSA! We're excited to embark on this new season and share the farm's produce with you. Overall Mother Nature treated us much better this year than last so we're looking forward to a good and varied bounty during the next couple of months. Outside grown crops yielded just about perfectly this late summer and fall. Inside our various tunnels where we'll be harvesting salad and tender greens through the New Year we're pleased to report the rather predictable success and health of those crops (thanks to variable control). Barring too many successive days/nights below freezing we should have some wonderful cooking greens throughout the Late Fall as well, including kale, collards, cabbage, and napa cabbage. A plethora of roots and tubers will round out shares giving you ample opportunity for some wonderful soups and roasts. Thank you for joining us!
Late Fall Pick Up Information
by Farmer Dana

Harvesting napa/chinese cabbage prior to last Friday night's sudden deep freeze.
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  • The Late Fall CSA begins this week for Full, Medium, and Half Share Week A members. Week B members start next week.
  • Pick up days are typically Wednesday 1-8pm and Saturday 11am-1pm. However,
    • During the week of Thanksgiving, Late Fall Harvest Week #3, Wednesday's pick up will take place on Tuesday, November 26th to accommodate travelers and holiday schedules.
    • During the week of Christmas, Late Fall Harvest Week #7, Wednesday's pick up will take place on Thursday, December 26th.
  • You can temporarily switch your pick up day/week be notifying us by 5pm Sunday prior to your pick up day/week. If you miss your pick up we will contact you to reschedule.
  • Bring your own bags to collect the produce.