Late Fall Week 3: Back to the Ground
Expected Harvest
Early December Mix
by Farmer Dana
Harvesting mild mustard greens mix in the Hoop Tunnel a couple of weeks ago.
Late Fall Harvest #3 (Week A) should include cabbage, potatoes, kale, carrots, lettuce mix, baby head lettuce, baby chard, rosemary, and radishes (salad, purple daikon, watermelon). We aren't 100% certain what the variety and quantity of specific greens will be until we begin harvesting midweek but each week the total weight of fresh greens is 2.5 lbs for Full/Half shares and 1.88 lbs for Medium shares.
Reminder: Late Fall Schedule
by Farmer Dana
Did you know our CSA is part of Anchor Run Farm, a 100-acre Open Space Preserve? We try to take daily walks around the farm during the cold months, cutting back invasive vines, picking up any trash we find, getting to know this place and space we call home. There's an older growth forest, wetlands, creeks, meadows, lots of great habitat to explore. It's also open to the public! (photo credit: Abigail M.)
Week 3/A, Wed 12/2 1-7pm & Sat 12/5 11am-1pm
Week 4/B, Wed 12/9 & Sat 12/12
Week 5/A, Wed 12/16 & Sat 12/19
Week 6/B, Tuesday 12/22 & Sunday 12/27
Notes From The Field
by Farmer Derek
Harvesting greens in the Hoop Tunnel while the boy practices gymnastics. Homeschool phys-ed.
Good morning! I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and were able to incorporate some of your share into your celebratory meals. Perhaps you introduced the interesting radish varieties to some novice eaters at the appetizer table or made a cabbage dish that could feed your family for a week. So many Thanksgiving dishes seem to be 1/3 cheese, 1/3 butter, and 1/3 vegetable. I'm ready for uncomplicated meals and salads. Fortunately lettuce and greens will not be in short supply for the final month of this growing season!
We were able to give farm work a nice break so not much has changed since we last wrote. This week we'll probably wrap up our seed and plant orders and make some serious progress with the 2021 Crop Plan and Rotation. Supplies need to be ordered soon to qualify for preseason discounts. I would love to finish the bulk of winter's administrative work during December and I may work towards that goal. The next round of holidays will be here before we know it so there's really not much time. Maybe if the ground dries out we'll spread some compost. We're seriously considering the rehabilitation of one of our outbuildings which will require a good amount of pre-construction clean up. When my mind tires and my body needs some physical exertion there's plenty of fenceline and woodland edge clean up to stay in farming shape. Otherwise I feel I can embrace the work this time of year that requires me to stay inside a bit more. Regardless there are about two full days each week devoted to harvest and distribution so there won't be too much downtime just yet. That's for January (hopefully). Happy December!