Frosty times on the farm

A cold November evening looking and feeling more like January.

Two layers of protection were enough to save the cold hardy greens mix in the high tunnel.
Notes From The Field
Survival of the Fittest, or Most Protected
By Derek McGeehan
Well, our friendly greens under cover in the protective high tunnel made it through the arctic freezes, thankfully. We put off checking until Sunday when we were doing our weekly field walk and farm plan and planning the harvest. Unfortunately, and as expected, many of the greens in the field protected by hoops and row cover suffered too much damage to harvest, but some lettuces towards the top of the hill made it through. Hopefully we'll have lettuce through the final week. When we're out and about harvesting and working this week, we'll uncover all of the field crops and truly diagnose the damage. Either way, we have enough tasty greens in the high tunnel to get us through the end of the fall season. We're looking forward to adding more storage root crops and the return of cabbage to the harvest this week. We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
Expected Harvest
Fresh Protected Greens
By Derek McGeehan
Fall Harvest #3 should include arugula, greens mix, lettuce, potatoes, leeks, garlic, kohlrabi, celeriac, napa/Chinese cabbage, and radishes.
New System for Delivering Secondary Emails
By Hal Wright
Starting this week, late fall CSA newsletters are now being sent to "secondary" email addresses associated with your account. There should be no need to forward the newsletter to your friends and family who have an email address on file with us. The email system upgrade is new, so if you learn that an expected email has not been received, please contact us!