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Member Work Guidelines
To fulfill your pledged work hours if you own a share "with work discount". If you own a share "without work" you contributed to the farm financially instead of physically.
Getting Involved. If you purchased a CSA share "with work discount" you chose to help us out on the farm for a specific amount of time over the course of the entire season. Full Shares pledge 8 hours, Medium Shares pledge 6 hours, and Half Shares pledge 4 hours. We're appreciative of and are thankful for your help! Share prices are discounted at the rate of $15 per worked hour.
When are workshifts? We schedule 4-6 workshifts each week for the bulk of the growing season (April - October). Weekdays, weeknights, and weekends at a variety of times, typically in blocks of two hours. We announce the schedule in Sunday's newsletter and post on the website that same day.
How do I sign up for workshifts? The best way to sign up for shifts is on this website. Instructions may be found here. You may sign up yourself or any other member of your share.
What do I do when I show up for my workshift? We typically meet under the large red maple just outside of the barn pick up room. Please be on time otherwise you may not be able to find us in the field.
What if it is raining? Workshifts are generally cancelled when it is raining unless otherwise noted for that specific shift. For example, inside work in the barn or greenhouse would be held rain or shine. If it is cancelled you will receive a phone call letting you know.
Can I bring my children to my workshift? Please use appropriate discretion when bringing children to your workshift. Childcare is not available, and most workshifts involve working in the field. On the other hand, many children enjoy being out in the field while Mom and Dad are working, and it can be a wonderful part of the experience for all. You are responsible for your children's safety at all times. We do announce special family/child friendly shifts for weekends, such as harvesting carrots or potatoes.
If my children are old enough to work, does their time count towards the work requirement? Yes, if they're able to work as well as Mom or Dad.
What if all the adults in the share have physical restrictions? There are some farm tasks like cutting seed potatoes, splitting garlic into seed garlic, miscellaneous greenhouse work, etc., that we try to reserve specifically for members with physical restrictions. Otherwise, members may purchase a share "without work discount".
Can we work more than the minimum requirement of hours? Of course.
What if I don't complete my pledged work hours? We'll simply add the missed hours to your balance to cover the cost.
What if I have questions about the work requirement at Anchor Run CSA? Please contact Dana or Derek at anchorruncsa@gmail.com or 215 598 7040.
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