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Member Agreement
We appreciate your interest in Anchor Run CSA!
Please read this member agreement before joining Anchor Run CSA as a member and before purchasing shares. In purchasing shares, you are indicating your acceptance of the agreement below, to include the work requirement for your share, if any.
Farmer/member agreement
In becoming a member of the Anchor Run CSA, I recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming there are no guarantees on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive. I am willing to share the risks and reap the benefits along with the farmers. It is my responsibility to pick up my share at the designated time.
Member Work Commitment
In an attempt to keep share costs down, educate members, and instill a sense of community involvement, Main Season CSA members may optionally reduce the cost of their share by committing to work a minimum of 8 hours per household for a full share, 6 hours for a medium share, and 4 hours for a half share during the season. The work hours are contributed during scheduled workshifts that are posted regularly on our website. Those who prefer to contribute financially rather than fulfilling the work requirement agree to purchase their share at higher cost at the beginning of the season.
The Late Fall CSA season does not have a work requirement.
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I am responsible for the share payment, contribution of work hours, and pickup of vegetables. By purchasing shares using the form below, I become the one person who is designated as the primary owner and contact person for my share. (Family and friends may also pick up my produce and work on the farm, but I am the one person designated as the primary owner. You can add others to your share through your members page.)