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Workshift Sign Up Instructions
It's your CSA farm and everyone needs your help! Here's how to sign up and satisfy your work requirement.
Users must first log in to sign up for work shifts.
On your member page, under "Workshifts and Other Events," click on "Go to Calendar." Or, select "Calendar" from the "Our Community" drop down menu at the top of the page.
Click / tap the sign up icon next to the shift you are interested in working. A list of those associated with your share appears.
Click / tap the sign up icon next to the name of each person working the shift.
A box appears around the name of the each person who is signed up. Next to the name, a sign up icon appears to remove the name if necessary, and asign up icon appears to allow the person who has signed up to add a guest.
When the shift leader logs the hours you have worked into our system, the hours will appear on your member page.