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August 27, 2017
And the Potatoes Are...Harvested
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
The above photo was actually taken a month or so ago when we were checking to see if the potatoes were ready to be harvested. In reality the kids didn't help harvest any potatoes this year, but about 60 CSA members and farm staff did, and we all are very thankful for the team effort.
A quick note on how to thoroughly enjoy the potatoes: cut in french fry shape, coat cookie sheet with olive oil, put potato slices on sheet single layer thick, drizzle a bit more olive oil on there, mix around with hands, sprinkle on salt, bake at 375 for an hour, and voila, the best homemade french fries ever (I promise)!
Some fun Anchor Run Farm potato facts:
- 8 varieties of potatoes were grown (Dark Red Norland, Satina, Nicola, Purple Viking, Harvest Moon, Elba, Strawberry Paw, and Butte). Two are early varieties, 3 are mid-season varieties, and 3 are late-season.
- 1750 pounds of potatoes were planted. 1500 pounds were purchased as official organic seed potato and 250 pounds were planted from our own stash.
- 6500 pounds of potatoes were harvested. The yield was just so-so this year, nothing epic. For us, an epic yield would be about 6 times the weight planted. The yield was much better in the part of the field that has been under our management longer, perhaps because of annual application of soil amendments. Blue potatoes yielded the worst while buff/yellow ones yielded the best (or perhaps are easier to see in soil).
- About 10,000 feet of raised beds were planted with a potato every foot on April 19th. The beds were cultivated in late-May and hilled in mid-June. Hilling the raised beds involves pulling an implement with that tractor that uses two sets of discs to pull the soil up onto the plants which gives the potatoes more room to grow.
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