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May 21, 2017
Beautiful First Harvest
How I Enjoyed My Harvest
By Linda Dansbury
I was as excited as all of you with the announcement of the first harvest week, and even more excited when I walked into the updated pick up room! I love looking at all the veggies and then figuring out how to prepare them each week.
My pick up day is Thursday, so at this writing I have had only a couple of days to enjoy my harvest at this point, but below is a couple of dishes I made:
Bok choy, green garlic, mizuna - I made a stir fry: heated a bit of oil and when hot added a hot pepper from last year that I had frozen, but you can use red pepper flakes; added sliced scallions and a sliced green garlic and kept them moving in the pan for a few minutes then added a nice amount of minced ginger. After about 30 seconds I added rough chopped bok choy (added the chopped stems and leaves at same time because these were baby bok choy and putting them both in pan at same time created different textures). I kept stirring them until they looked almost finished, I added some of the mizua and then added a little sesame oil and soy sauce to the pan. Served it over brown jasmine rice alongside a salmon fillet from Wild for Salmon.
Spinach, mizuna, arugula - added some of each of them to a salad where I used lettuce from my garden. I virtually always make my own vinaigrette so that I can adjust the flavorings to how mild or strong the greens I am using in the salad are.
I will be making a spinach salad in the next couple days - check out the Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dresssing.
If you would like to share how you enjoy your harvest with other farm members, please send your ideas, recipes and/or questions to me at lindadansbury@comcast.net
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