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July 3, 2016
Cabbage and fennel
Other News
By Linda Dansbury
Cabbage is one of the new items this week. Given that it is summer and cookout time, cole slaw is the obvious choice. Each family seems to have their favorite recipe - years ago, when searching for recipes for Anchor Run, I found one that has become a favorite for our family and friends - Asian Cole Slaw. Shred some of the carrots and slice some celery thinly and add to the mix. Yum! Since we are having a party today, I wish I already had my cabbage pick up. Cabbage keeps for a very long time in the fridge when stored in a plastic bag or container. But...the taste will get stronger the longer it is stored, so for the best flavor, use it up within 2 weeks.
Fennel is another new item for this week and you may not be very familiar with it. It also stores well in plastic in the fridge, although the fronds are pretty perishable. Fennel has a licorice/anise flavor, especially when eaten raw - it seems people either love that taste or not. I happen to prefer fennel cooked, which tames the strong flavor - to me it becomes delicious! There are a lot of fennel recipes on this site - both raw and cooked. Fennel mixes well with many of the other veggies we are receiving now. Try doing something like this: grill or roast fennel and zucchini slices that have been tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper. When tender, make into a pasta salad, adding sliced scallions, garlic scapes and a lot of basil leaves. Toss with olive oil and a bit of your favorite vinegar or lemon juice. Yum! To make it heartier, add a can of white beans to the mix - white beans, lentils and fennel were made for each other!
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