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February 5, 2017
Classic Winter Morning
Notes From The Field
Gabriel walks down the aisle between the second seeding of of mizuna, arugula, mix, and kale.
Crisp, clear, and cold on an early February morning, how it should be once in a while at least. Temperatures returned to the teens for the first time in a while but at least the sun has risen and is shining. Day length is noticeably longer now. Seems to me that just in the past week we've added about an hour though of course it steadily lengthens. Pretty soon there'll be an extra bounce in our steps as we meander the farm and prepare for the upcoming growing season. Fortunately there's another solid month of winter but once March arrives the 2017 Main Season officially commences with seeding in the greenhouse and direct seeding carrots in the high tunnel. Between now and then we'll continue harvesting fresh greens from both structures plus the hoop house and in between freezes during thaws we'll check outside hardy crops like spinach and kale for potential distribution.
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