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January 22, 2017
Continued Growth
Notes From The Field
Spinach and chard re-growth in the hoop house; slow growing scallions, too
Is this a mild winter or a mild stretch of weather? I think I can remember a few nights of single digits. We're almost at the end of January and March is only a month away, which basically signifies the beginning of mental spring. The northeasterly winds of last winter dumped two feet of snow but today we're looking at rain. Protected crops are growing and we're keeping records and collecting growth data to better plan for future seasons. We're busy contemplating improvements for the 2017 Main Season and wrapping up leftover jobs from this past year. The warmer weather and unfrozen, albeit constantly wet and squishy, ground enables us to spend more time outside. Crops are easier to harvest when our fingers aren't frozen. Washing is manageable when pipes aren't blocked with ice. Are we spoiled this year or would some deep and long cold be good for the fields and spirit? Of course we have to take what comes, what we're given. All we can really do is plan, assess, reflect, and act. What will the rest of 2017 bring?
We enjoyed a short family trip to balmy NC to greet a new niece and play outside!
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