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July 22, 2018
Dry to Wet
Notes From The Field
by Farmer Derek

A little sun, a little flower.
Based on the forecast it appears we're in for a wet stretch of weather. Of course nothing is in moderation these days so we may receive rain each and everyday this week. Fortunately there's not much pressing field work that requires the tractor this week. However there is a lot of transplanting and direct seeding the following week so we'll hope for dry weather later this week and into next weekend.
This week we'll march on with lots of human power, hand-weeding many crops like leeks, new strawberries, celeriac, and scallions. We'll embark on the first round of harvesting watermelons and fresh onions. Watermelons will fill up an entire storage room and will be distributed, along with the 2nd planting, hopefully for the next 5-6 weeks. We grow 5 varieties of onions, 2 for eating fresh, 3 for curing and storing. Look for the fresh onions starting in a week or two.
This week we'll also continue crop maintenance by mowing, weed-whacking, pruning, and trellising. Spent crops will be cleaned up and prepared for sowing cover crops. We'll continue seeding in the greenhouse for future harvests. Weed-growth is at its collective seasonal peak so much of our focus right now is keeping them under control. Here we go.

Long-weekend family camping trip to Greenwood Furnace State Park. To truly get a day off we must exit the farm. Bonus: no internet or cell phone reception.
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