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May 29, 2016
Give me Peas...and Strawberries!
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By Linda Dansbury
Peas and strawberries give us the first opportunity to go out to the field for U-Pick. Here are some tips to make the time in the field enjoyable:
  • Wear comfortable clothes, shoes/boots and sunscreen - it can be very hot, cool, rainy on any given day
  • Most crops mature starting at the bottom of the plant so for things like peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes and edamame look for mature veggies lower to the ground, especially when we start picking
  • Be gentle when picking, holding onto the stem with one hand and the veggie/fruit with the other and gently pull the veggie/fruit off
  • The crops sometimes fall into the aisles - please walk around - don't trample the plants
  • Pick only what is listed on the U-pick board and only during your pick up week
  • Please teach your children the same guidelines, keeping them in the aisles between the rows and showing them how to gently pick the crop
By following these simple guidelines you and those coming to pick after you will have a fun, rewarding experience.
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