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April 13, 2019
Harvest Season, Workshifts, Farm Events
Other News
by Farmer Derek

Round number two of snow peas being transplanted outside.
So, when do harvests begin? Good question. Typically we don't know for sure until a week or two prior. Crops truly grow exponentially after May 1st (a magical amount of daylight hours are reached) and then it becomes easier for us to know when enough produce is ready to be picked to ensure a diverse and bountiful first harvest. Even though we're a good month out, if this ideal weather continues I'm going to predict the harvest season will commence the week of May 12th. If the weather trend changes it could be May 19th. Confirmation will be announced in early May.
If you signed up for a share with the work discount you may be wondering when workshifts will begin. Typically they begin in late April or early May or whenever farm staff can no longer keep up with the current workload. As our farming footprint expands and weeds grow in earnest, we'll probably need more help. We'll announce the start of workshifts via e-mail and you can confirm the schedule on our calendar.
Open House and Orientation is scheduled for May 5th. Farm potlucks will probably begin in either May or June and we'll host one per month through October. Potlucks are a great way to enjoy the farm with fellow members and your farmers. Typically there will be some live music, a small fire, and of course plenty of good food to share. Additionally, longtime farm member Gia will coordinate and host some workshops that deal with dealing with your farm bounty. These workshops are great for sharing produce use and storage tips.

Two varieties of lettuce basking in the sun.
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