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January 29, 2017
Here Comes February
Notes From The Field
Yankee Hardy Lettuce Mix Blend looking vibrant in the greenhouse; its 1st cutting should take place this week. We'll also probably take a second cutting from the hoop house shown below if needed. Spinach should come from the field - amazingly - as well as the hoop house.
With the arrival of a new month, a calendar page flip, winter's midpoint, seasonal unexceptional cold returns, descends. Crop structures will need to be closed and sealed up before nighttime to trap daytime heat. We'll probably also add interior covers as well, as added insurance. All of these crops have experienced deep lows already so they should be prepared for this round of cold. Very soon daylight will lengthen beyond the 10-hour mark and will increase rapidly to the 12-hour equinox in March. During February we're anticipating accelerated crop growth which will hopefully translate into additional fresh greens in the share.
We hope you've been enjoyed the winter share thus far. If you have any comments or suggestions (or criticisms) for us please send them our way!
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