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February 10, 2019
Introducing Farm Staff
Other News
by Farmer Dana
We're happy to report that we have a great farm crew to assist in growing your produce this year! Pat and Craig return for their 3rd and 2nd seasons, respectively, while we welcome newcomers Haley Diener and Jacob Zuklic. Jacob and Haley come with experience, enthusiasm, and a passion for growing organic healthy food and will help Anchor Run succeed this year. We'll introduce you to Haley below and will introduce Jacob soon and follow up with a hello from Pat and Craig. You can always check out your farmers' brief biographies here.

Haley Diener with an awesome cucumber.
Haley Diener is excited to join the Anchor Run Farm team after two years of garden management experience at Garden Meadow Farm in Lebanon, PA, and a year of volunteer service with AmeriCorps.
Having grown up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA, Haley fostered an appreciation for good food and the hard work of growing it from a young age. After graduating from Elizabethtown College with a degree in Psychology in 2015, Haley knew it was time to leave the world of academia for greener pastures. She soon found an opportunity with AmeriCorps, living and working with adult with disabilities at Community Homestead, an organic farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. This year of service combined her passions for helping others and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.
Post AmeriCorps, Haley joined Garden Meadow Farm to co-manage an innovative Community Supported Agriculture project at a local food pantry, which sold fresh, affordable produce to local families in need. Haley soon took over all aspects of marketing and sales to local restaurants for the farm's market-style produce garden with her partner, Jacob.
Haley is thrilled to return to the Community Supported Agriculture model with a group of passionate, like-minded individuals here at Anchor Run Farm. When she isn't farming, Haley spends her time devouring books, playing board games, experimenting with sourdough, discovering new ways to preserve food, enjoying nature, and traveling.
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