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July 2, 2017
It's July
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
Rain was welcomed at the farm on Saturday evening and along with it we enjoyed some nice displays of lighting and a beautiful sky. It did chase us out of the field prematurely but safety always comes first. On the right in the photo is our monstrous bush of watermelon vines that appear to have been planted into some very fertile and well fed soil. Uphill and on the left is our allium patch of scallions, fresh onions, and storage onions. Thus far the health and vigor of the plants seems to have truly benefitted from the extra attention earlier in the season to deter various damaging insects. The white plastic repels some and the floating row cover was a barrier to others. The watermelon received extra attention as well. Of course it was started in the greenhouse, nurtured there for 4 weeks, then transplanted into raised beds covered in black plastic for heat and weed suppression. The aisles were manually covered with 4-foot wide landscape fabric that was stapled to the ground. Hoops and floating row cover then went over the entire patch to keep other bugs off the plants until they were truly established and flourishing. All of this is done in an attempt to have a great harvest. Growing organically is challenging and difficult, but with the right planning, tools, and resources, as well as a lot of extra work, it can be done successfully.
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