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September 23, 2018
Just Another Challenge
Notes From The Field
by Farmer Derek

Conferring with our excavator who's putting some finishing touches on a diversion after installing a thousand feet of waterway in a troublesome field on a misty, soggy Sunday afternoon.
A new astronomical season, a new week, another flash flood, incoming additional rainfall and a lack of sunshine. So comes it, so goes it. One of these days, weeks, seasons the weather I'm sure will be more agreeable to growing organic crops. For now all we can do is our best work physically while mentally working through these challenges and occasionally accepting defeat and understanding factors that are currently beyond our control. The only way I can think of to temper the floods is by increasing the number of tunnels we have on the farm so we can grow more crops inside. Other than that, we're already underway working on water management by creating swales and berms to funnel the water away from susceptible areas to where we want it to go. Nothing solves the entire problem but all options for weathering the weather need to be addressed. The only thing worse that overly wet weather is cold wet weather and cold wet soil. And into autumn we go.
There is still much to appreciate and be thankful for and I'm trying my best to focus on whatever those things might be. This isn't the first exceptionally difficult and wet year we've endured and I'm sure it won't be our last. The best we can do is learn from it and adapt. Is it a changing climate and a harbinger of future conditions? Is it a cyclical anomaly? All the above, none of the above, whatever, we'll try to figure it out. Like I said some other time before, in 30 years we'll be perfect farmers and this will be a perfect farm. Just in time for someone else to take the reins (or the rains).

Completed waterway in Field 2 was up to the challenge of 3" of rain and another flash flood.
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