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August 27, 2017
Ode to the Farm
Other News
by Gia Yaccarino
The farm is my safe place. Recently, due to weather and my schedule, I had to do my U-Pick on Wednesday. That week had been a bit taxing and I recall the thought, on my way to the farm, repeating in my mind, “Just get to the farm. Just get to the farm.” When my mind is racing, once I arrive at the farm, things slow down. My cell phone is only used to take a picture of the U-pick board and maybe some photos of the beautiful crops in the fields. Otherwise, I’m disconnected from the “demands” of my daily life. Sometimes, I do my U-Pick in solitude and it becomes a deeply meditative time. It’s nothing I’ve planned – it just happens as I pick my share and I am so focused on the plants, the soil, the bugs! Other times, I see my “Farm Friends” – sometimes familiar faces and sometimes new ones! We chat about our lives, the crops, what we will do with our share. I swear I learn something new each time, whether it’s a meditative day or a chatting day or a bit of both. And before I know it – I’m done with my U-pick for the week. Can time fly and slow down at the same time?
Recently, I have been reflecting on how I am at the farm - smiling, happy, relaxed, open to different ideas and discussions. I’ve decided that I need to let that person live outside the farm also. I need to try to regain my “farm calm” when life is getting me stressed. I probably won’t go so far as to strike up a conversation with strangers at Acme (Security: Weird lady in aisle 3!) or be waving and smiling to other cars as I leave the Acme parking lot, but don’t you think we would all benefit if we shared a little more of our “farm selves” with the rest of the world? Just a thought.
- Gia
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