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December 3, 2018
Sign Up for 2019 Main Season
Other News
by Farmer Derek

Welcoming hoop house spinach to the Late Fall share. Since it's basically impossible to grow outside, all spinach will probably be grown inside our various tunnels next spring and fall, hopefully guaranteeing a harvest.
Log in here to sign up for the 2019 Main Season CSA. Share prices remain the same for next year. We do the bulk of farm purchasing during the winter months and it is very helpful to have members sign up and pay for shares in advance. A $200 deposit finalizes the sign up process. Total membership will remain the same as the past five seasons and we continue to fill up year after year (thankfully). We'll be in touch over the winter months with highlights, anticipations, and improvements we hope to make for next season. Since the weather cannot possibly be as bad as it was in 2018, everything is sure to be better!
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