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March 31, 2017
Spring is Here
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
Early season crew, John, Hannah, Dana, and Derek, under the newly completed pergola built in honor of our beloved friend, herb gardener, herbalist, Jeannine Vannais, who passed away in early 2015.
Welcome to the 2017 Main Season CSA at Anchor Run Farm
It's the first full week in April and that means that the race is about to commence. We're worshipping the sun whenever it graces our skies and are hopeful for a solid week of glorious sunshine accompanied by a few windy days to dry out the soil just enough in order to begin preparing raised beds and planting our anxiously awaiting transplants. Over the past nine seasons we've begun our outside springtime growing adventures during the first week or two of April. What began as an early spring in February transformed into a late spring in March and as we enter April we're at least safely into springtime temperatures albeit with plenty of moisture. With increased warmth, longer day length, a higher-in-the-sky sun, and perhaps the waking of the perennial vegetation we're eagerly hoping the ground dries out faster.
Pergola in progress
Because we're unable to transplant or directly sow seeds into the fields we've been able to focus our springtime energy on other areas of the farm that would ordinarily lose priority to the field crops. Extreme sprucing up of the herb garden, creating a new flower garden right outside of the pick up room, building a pergola, and beautifying the pick up room are some of the jobs we've been immersed in.
Patient transplants hardening off in the hoop house
We're looking forward to welcoming you back to the farm this spring - hopefully CSA pick ups will begin in mid-to-late May. Open House/Orientation Day is scheduled for Sunday May 7th 10am-2pm. Workshift opportunities should begin sometime in April. See you soon!
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