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February 25, 2018
Thanks Folks!
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
Will February showers bring March flowers?
We made it! The final harvest week of the Winter CSA is upon us and spring is in the air. Ten weeks ago we were deep in the throes of winter and concerned that some of the crops wouldn't survive the prolonged freeze. Most of them did, highlighting their resiliency while reminding us of our dependence on the warming sunshine to heat the tunnels during daytime and on row covers and greenhouse film to trap that heat to keep the tunnels above the low temperature damage threshold during the night. After those two weeks of extreme cold it's been fairly moderate with inside covers unused probably half the time.
Besides our extra focus in improved and increased quantities of fresh crops in the tunnels, we also knew we had to give more attention to maintaining the quality of the storage crops (based on our experience from the previous two winter seasons). We have three different rodent proof, insulated, and temperature controlled storage rooms in the barn where we also monitor and modify humidity levels with buckets of water, spraying roots with water, and adding water-soaked towels to keep crops from drying out. Different crops require different temperatures and humidity/moisture levels. Over time we've learned which crops do well in specific rooms and at what temperature and moisture level. Some of this information is published elsewhere and has been helpful but learning from experience about our micro-climates and site specific characteristics just takes time.
Forty-two weeks ago we embarked on the 2017 Main Season CSA and have hosted pick ups every week since then. Ten weeks from now the 2018 Main Season CSA will begin and we hope you will join us. We recognize that you have many options available when deciding where to procure your veggies and we are truly grateful for your patronage of Anchor Run CSA. Thank you for your support and trust in bringing you organic, local, and seasonal food!
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