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November 11, 2018
The Final One
Notes From The Field
by Farmers Dana and Derek

Sun setting on the 2018 Main Season.
Thank you, CSA members, for all of your support and continued collection of your harvest shares during this most difficult of growing seasons! While our growing and harvesting plans haven't always worked out exactly as planned this year somehow some way there will be knowledge and experiences gained that will hopefully prove practical and valuable in the future. It's easy for us to recall all of the crops that failed or under-performed, especially during late summer and through the fall, but we'll be able to do that later, when the ground is frozen or snow blankets the earth. What takes up most of our time right now is focusing on what has survived or thrived and trying our best to fulfill our commitment to you: filling your shares with enough quality produce to enrich your culinary endeavors at home.
At some point later this fall or early winter we'll have ample time to truly reflect on this season and build on these experiences to develop and implement what could make harvests more predictable and foolproof in the future. Ultimately this may require us to invest money and resources in more earth moving and infrastructure development to help temper weather extremes. These challenges are part of why we love our job and are thankful to spend our time doing it. And it goes without saying, that without you, our members, none of this would be possible.
We hope we've come close to satisfying your expectations during this growing season and would love to hear back from you if you have any thoughts, opinions, or comments to share with us. There probably won't be an official survey this year since (we're hoping) this year is an outlier, an anomaly, and not one we should let dictate all of our growing plans for the future. We'll have to mix it with the prior five seasons as we adjust the crop plan.
As the main growing season of 2018 comes to an end we remain truly grateful for our shared journey through it and for your support. We hope this winter proves to be restful, joyous, and healthful for you and your families. When Spring rolls around again we hope to see you back on the farm for another growing season adventure!
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