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May 27, 2018
The Good, The Bad, and The (ugly) Rain
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan

An overflowing pond unfortunately cloudy with sediment.
Another 3.75 inches of rain fell at the farm this morning bringing the total for the month up to almost 10 inches. In my memory this was the worst flash flooding event we've had on the farm since the summer of 2009, the last time I remember receiving 3+" in such a short timeframe. It's very much a good thing that I waited until after our field walk to work on the newsletter because I was rendered mentally exhausted, frustrated, sad, confused, forlorn, desperate, scared, and empty of spirit after battling the torrent spilling down the driveway with a rake, a hoe, and eventually the tractor amid the driving relentless rain.

The field walk revealed our worst fears weren't realized and erosion was luckily "minimal". No major new erosion channels were formed in any of the fields and no crops were washed away (that was taken care of in April when we had 2.5" of rain in a couple of hours). The field walk also nicely revealed healthy crops ready for harvest such as beets and kohlrabi, dill and cilantro which should be offered this week or next.

Most fortunately prior to this weather event the ground had dried out just enough to allow us to work the soil and make beds for many of the crops that desperately need to find an outside home. These crops include eggplant, okra, winter squash, lettuce, basil, summer squash, cucumbers, beans, and edamame, about 5,000 feet in total. The dry soil also gave us the chance to get caught up on cultivating. Considering the wet weather of the past two weeks we could be in a worse position. Hope you all made it through this most recent bad weather event!
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