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September 30, 2018
The Return of the Sun King
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan

The first sunny harvest morning in weeks was a welcome relief but also a reminder of the hustle needed when harvesting lettuces, herbs, and greens.
We're welcoming October with open arms and smiling faces (and sunglasses) as a forecast of crisp cool sunshine beautiful weather descends and hopefully stays in place for weeks and weeks. September was a rough month for sure and we're happy to turn this page of the calendar. With the new month we're anticipating the harvest of some traditional early fall crops like broccoli, cabbage, and hakurei turnips. We're thankful to harvest any broccoli and cabbage at all and overall I'm sure the quantity and quality won't match the past few seasons but at least there should be some to whet our brassica appetite. In their footsteps over the next month should be cauliflower, watermelon radishes, and daikons.
Now that the ground is drying out and the sun is shining once again we can resume our normal weed control schedule and pull out all those freeloaders out there that thought they could grow unchallenged while they attempt to out-compete their more sensitive brethren, the crops we want to eat. We're thinking this week will be a turning point in the season when we can begin to feel a positive connection with the fields once again. We're looking forward to harvesting sweet potatoes and being pleasantly surprised by a good yield. We're predicting a renaissance of greens in the coming weeks as they soak up the sun and are able to consume the soil's nutrients without drowning. Spinach will grace us in two weeks time with an abundance of healthy dark green leaves. The first frost won't occur until November and the first freeze not until December. The first deep freeze won't happen until January. In the meantime we'll have an awesome fall season with bountiful harvests. Cheers!
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