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October 7, 2018
Thoughts on Storage and Use
Other News
By Linda Dansbury
Derek talked about there being less broccoli and what we receive is lower quality - well, I ate my broccoli last night, and it is as sweet and delicious as any broccoli I have had. I have observed and talked about needing to use the farm broccoli quickly after receiving it - it is so delicious the the cabbage worms love it too! They hide on the green stems and will keep eating, even in the fridge, causing the broccoli to rot. So eat it fast or carefully check it for green worms and remove before storing up to a week.
Due to the continual rain, the greens are wet when we receive them. This causes things to go bad faster in the fridge. I have found the greens keep their quality longer if I place paper towels or thin towels in the storage bags to absorb the excess water. Even better than bags, I have a large plastic container with paper towels on the bottom to store my salad greens. They keep quite well this way.
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