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November 5, 2017
We Bid Thee Thanks and Farewell
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
At this conclusion to the Main Season CSA we say, think, write, and feel thankful to you, our CSA members, for your support, help, interest, trust, commitment, and sense of eating adventure. We recognize that a half year of local produce consumption can be quite a daunting task and that we're fortunate that you've asked us to be your produce farmers.
Without you and your support our CSA wouldn't be as successful as it has been for 14 years. We're grateful that every season we meet our membership goal, a number that is capped at 250 weekly member pick ups so that we can focus on growing the best produce for you that is potentially possible on our central Bucks County farm. We're not expanding our business or farm but are instead acquiring the experience and skills to properly serve our committed CSA members.
With your trust and support over the years we have the confidence to adjust our practices and shares to try to give you what you want in a CSA share. For obvious reasons it's impossible to please 100% of you 100% of the time, but we do try, trust me! We care about your opinions and want you to be able to eat our nutrient dense food to stay healthy and live an enriched life. Good soil = good food = good mind and body = good community. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!
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