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September 10, 2017
What to do with....?
Other News
By Linda Dansbury
Usually in this space I talk about a new veggie we are receiving this week. Including how to prepare them. Everything we are receiving this week we have been receiving. I have been wondering what to make now that the nights are cooler and I have a fridge full of veggies - including a crossover of summer veggies and fall greens and squash. Make Minestrone Soup!
There are 2 recipes for it on this site (1 or 2) - check them both out to get an idea of variations - you can add almost any and every veggie you have. The recipe was developed exactly for this purpose - to use up veggies before they go bad. With the added beans, it becomes hearty. Make it one day and serve it the next for added flavor - it also thickens as it sits. Since Derek mentioned last week that the winter squash won't last very long due to pest and disease pressure, add that as well. The nice thing about the dumpling squash is you can just cut it, remove seeds and then cut into bite sized pieces. No need to remove the outer skin. It will break down as it cooks. If you are like me and save the rinds from parmesan cheese, this is the dish to add one in - adds great depth of flavor to the soup.
Enjoy the harvest!
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