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January 15, 2017
Whether We Weather The Weather
Notes From The Field
By Derek McGeehan
The new addition to the Anchor Run Farm sign thanks to field manager Hannah.
Is it winter or not? For a few days it feels, sounds, and smells that way, then the next round of a thaw arrives and with it a beckoning to be outside, a solitary confused peeping frog, and the smell of decomposing daikon radish cover crop. On the one hand I want it to be cold to set back bugs and diseases for the following season, but on the other hand mild weather is pleasant and productive. Thermal fluctuations are probably normal and happen most seasons but going from a low of 2 degrees to a high of 65 degrees a few days apart is extreme. Give me one month with temperatures consistently below freezing with a long autumn and spring on either side and I would be happy. With an extended forecast of above freezing temperatures and daylight slowly getting back to 10 hours a day, thinking about spring and earnestly getting ready for the next growing season will probably commence.
Under Gabe's watchful supervision aka meaningful distractions Hannah winds up last season's irrigation drip tape for next season's use.
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