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Community Supported
Bucks County, PA
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We are sold out for 2016, but encourage prospective members to join our waiting list. You'll receive a reminder to sign up for 2017, and early access to registration before it opens to the general public.
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We love it when our members show up to help us, but we do need to know you're coming! Please log in to view upcoming workshifts and to complete the sign up process. Sign up instructions may be found here.
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We've made it possible for you to access individual news stories in a convenient, blog-like form. Expected harvest, notes from the field, and more. Read and share!
Know Your Farmers
Hello from Derek McGeehan, Dana Hunting, and family! We are in our eighth season at Anchor Run, and we are pleased to bring community supported agriculture to residents of lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our members get virtually everything we grow in weekly farm shares. Produce is available for pick-up in our barn, or directly from the field. We use organic techniques to produce nutrient dense, delicious vegetables. Sustainably-sourced extras -- meats, fish, honey, and more -- may be purchased from our trusted partners and picked up right on the farm.
Anchor Run CSA is...
What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of farming that brings together farmers, community members and agricultural land into a mutually beneficial relationship.
Members of the community purchase a "farmshare" for a full growing season. This commitment implies a willingness to share with the farmer both the bounty from the land and at least some of the risks of its production. The farmer receives fair and guaranteed compensation. In return, members receive a variety of fresh picked produce, sustainably grown by farmers they personally know and trust.
Now in our 13th growing season, Anchor Run has always provided a traditional CSA experience to its share owners, who make regular visits to the farm for produce pick-up, field work, and social gatherings. From the beginning, CSA has been our purpose and our passion, and virtually 100% of our operation is devoted to production for CSA share owners.
See what's happening at our CSA
The image links below will take you to our three most recent "Notes From The Field" articles, which will give you a sense of working life on our farm. We hope you find them and the other information on this website useful and interesting!
Three More Weeks of Main Season CSA
Three More Weeks of Main Season CSA
A Dry and Lovely Start to Autumn
A Dry and Lovely Start to Autumn
Harvesting and Getting Ready for Winter
Harvesting and Getting Ready for Winter

More About CSA at
Anchor Run Farm

Our Harvest
Expectations A listing of the produce we anticipate providing to our members.
Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? This page just might have the answer. (If not, please contact us!)
After the Pick-up
Veggies 202 Our advanced course in Vegetology! Learn to recognize, prepare, and preserve the vegetables we grow.
Recipes Prepare delicious meals, even while cooking with vegetables you're not familiar with.
Our Community
Membership Details on the benefits and responsibilities of membership in Anchor Run CSA.
Calendar Potlucks, workshifts, and more at-a-glance.
Calendar Potlucks, workshifts, and more at-a-glance.
Newsletters Anchor Run CSA sends an electronic newsletter to members every week during the growing season. Newsletters are a great way to keep up with what's happening on the farm!
News and Notes Content from our newsletter and other items of interest to members and non-members alike.
Our Farm
Meet Our Farmers Derek and Dana share a little about their backgrounds and their commitment to local agriculture.
Farmer Biographies It takes a lot — knowledge, patience, hard work — to run a CSA. These farmers have what it takes.
Farm History Cooperation among local citizens led to the preservation of precious farmland and the birth of Anchor Run CSA.