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Farmer Biographies
2019 Anchor Run CSA Farmers!
Head farmers Dana and Derek with Gabriel and Abigail at Ralph Stover State Park in October 2018.
Dana Hunting and Derek McGeehan own and operate Anchor Run CSA. They arrived in the fall of 2008 to assume management of the 5-year-old CSA from the previous farming family. 2019 will be their 11th season of farming at Anchor Run.
Derek is one generation removed from Bucks County, growing up in central PA just outside of Hershey amid dairy and grain farms and newly spreading suburbia. His parents were raised about 10 miles south of Anchor Run Farm. He still has family in the area. Dana grew up in Montgomery County just outside of Philadelphia, about 25 miles southwest of the farm, a combination of California and Hudson Valley New York lineage.
Immediately prior to arriving at Anchor Run Farm they managed a CSA near York, PA; were on the receiving end of a CSA in VA; and apprenticed at a CSA near State College, PA. Other previous horticultural/farming experience includes gardening, landscaping, nursery work, and baling hay. In 2006 they graduated from Penn State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Geography. After earning their degrees Dana then worked as an Urban Planner for the City of Alexandria, VA, while Derek was a Geographer for an engineering company. Growing food in a community garden during this time allowed them to keep their sanity while also exposing them fully to the benefits and pleasures of growing organic and healthy produce.
In 2013 future farmer Gabriel arrived, followed by his apprentice, Abigail in 2015. They now run the personnel and human resource department. When the family is not fully involved in running the farm - which is hardly ever it seems - mom, dad, brother, sister enjoy being outside, gardening around the house, observing wildlife, listening to nature and music, reading, stargazing, bird watching, hiking, swimming, biking, walking, eating, cooking, and tree planting.
Pat McGowan, Farmer
Pat McGowan joined the crew in the Spring of 2017. As an assistant farmer he is involved in every aspect of production both in the greenhouse and in the field.
Pat grew up in Churchville and has been a part of the farm’s community since childhood, as his family has been members for many years. Pat has always had a love for nature and outdoor activities. His interests eventually led him to gain growing experience at Easterly Link Landscapes. While landscaping, he also developed skills as a stone mason, which he puts to work around the farm as well.
Pat currently lives on site at the farm and looks forward to continuing to learn about sustainable agriculture during the following growing seasons.
Craig Oppenheimer, Farmer
Craig Oppenheimer is excited to re-join the farm staff at Anchor Run Farm for the 2019 growing season! This is Craig's second season with Anchor Run. Previously Craig was an intern for a full harvest season at Pennypack Farm & Education Center in Ambler, PA.
Craig brings a unique skill set and diverse background to the Anchor Run Farm crew. In addition to his previous exposure to organic farming as member of Pennypack's seasonal crew, Craig holds two degrees and has spent several years working in the corporate sector.
In an effort to seek a more natural, healthier, and more sustainable way to live, work, and consume, Craig began exploring organic farming in general and Community Supported Agriculture in particular. Always being a life-long learner and a kinetic, hand-on-approach individual, Craig quickly became intrigued by the ideas of organic farming and the potential for a saner work-life balance. A hiatus from his work in the corporate world soon followed and Craig has not looked back since. Craig especially is looking forward to expanding upon his existing base of knowledge while also working side by side with an awesome, knowledgeable, and deeply committed close-knit group of farmers.
In his spare time, Craig is an avid runner, hiker, and long-distance backpacker, and is always on the lookout for a new set of hiking trails, mountain ranges, or untapped wilderness areas to tackle. Come winter, Craig is often set to embark on another "voyage" with his beloved van "Edna" to warmer, sunnier climates and is (slowly) seeking to consummate his life-long love of travel and exploration, one country at a time!
Haley Diener, Farmer
Haley Diener is excited to join the Anchor Run Farm team after two years of garden management experience at Garden Meadow Farm in Lebanon, PA, and a year of volunteer service with AmeriCorps.
Having grown up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA, Haley fostered an appreciation for good food and the hard work of growing it from a young age. After graduating from Elizabethtown College with a degree in Psychology in 2015, Haley knew it was time to leave the world of academia for greener pastures. She soon found an opportunity with AmeriCorps, living and working with adult with disabilities at Community Homestead, an organic farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. This year of service combined her passions for helping others and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.
Post AmeriCorps, Haley joined Garden Meadow Farm to co-manage an innovative Community Supported Agriculture project at a local food pantry, which sold fresh, affordable produce to local families in need. Haley soon took over all aspects of marketing and sales to local restaurants for the farm's market-style produce garden with her partner, Jacob.
Haley is thrilled to return to the Community Supported Agriculture model with a group of passionate, like-minded individuals here at Anchor Run Farm. When she isn't farming, Haley spends her time devouring books, playing board games, experimenting with sourdough, discovering new ways to preserve food, enjoying nature, and traveling.
Jacob Zuklic, Farmer
"A love of good food and playing in the dirt has led Jacob to farming, and now Anchor Run. He got started at a dairy and produce CSA farm in Wisconsin and spent the last two years helping grow veggies at a small scale, 'market garden-style' farm in central PA. He's glad to be part of the Anchor Run community and looks forward to meeting everyone."
Workshift weeknight and weekend leader Jeff Bence (on right).

Might not always be this hairy. Farm member since 2004!
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