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Community Supported
Bucks County, PA
Registration Open For The 2018 Main Season!
26 weeks of Organic, Fresh, Great-tasting produce from mid-May to mid-November.
Full, medium, and half shares are available and pick up day options include Monday 1-8pm, Thursday 1-8pm, or Saturday 10am-12noon. With work or without work options are available.
With work discount means, over the course of the entire growing season and at a $15/hour rate, 4 hours for a Half Share, 6 hours for a Medium Share, and 8 hours for a Full Share are your pledged contribution to lower your share cost.
For additional information simply scroll down, read, follow links, check out these 2017 share photos, e-mail us (anchorruncsa@gmail.com), or call us (215-598-7040)!
To register, new members must start by creating an account, while renewing and current members need only log in. When you log in you'll be taken to your members page where you'll see the green 'Join' buttons on the left side.
Contact us if you have any questions!
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Our News and Notes Feature
We've made it possible for you to access individual news stories in a convenient, blog-like form. Expected harvest, notes from the field, and more. Read and share!
Know Your Farmers
Full-time Farming for a Decade!
Dana Hunting and Derek McGeehan arrived at Anchor Run Farm in late fall 2008. At that time the 5-year-old CSA program maintained and managed 10 acres and fed 175 neighborhood families weekly during a 25-week season. Since then, the farm has sustainably grown to 25 managed acres (15 active acres per season) while nourishing 400 of our neighbors with Full, Medium, and Half Shares over a 42-week harvest season, and has become Certified Organic. Weekly pick ups of full-share-equivalents include: Main Season, 250; Late Fall, 100; Winter, 75.
(A brief aside, an act of growth then balance: The farm is no longer increasing CSA membership size as it has discovered the perfect steady-state system of much improved harvest yields from prolonged organic crop and soil management and overall farm efficiencies, as well as the benefit of experience coupled with a work-life-financial balance. With a 75-80% CSA retention rate, we believe that we're meeting members' CSA needs. 100% of our endeavors are towards membership satisfaction. Our farm size allows us to connect with our community.)
Dana and Derek currently own and operate Anchor Run CSA in the heart of Bucks County on land that is part of a 100-acre open space preserve that is owned by Wrightstown Township. In 2014 they purchased the homestead area of the farm from the township which includes the barns, outbuildings, 200-year-old stone farmhouse, and ranch house where Field Manager Hannah lives.
Derek and Dana met while studying geography at Penn State University. During that time, Dana fell in love with local food and farming through her internship at Village Acres Farm, an organic CSA just outside of State College, PA. After completing their Bachelor of Science degrees in 2006, Derek and Dana moved to Washington, D.C. While there, Derek continued to learn about the natural world through an internship at National Geographic Society. As an urban planner, Dana also discovered more about the impact of human activity on the environment. They maintained a farming connection by becoming members of a local CSA-only farm and growing food on a plot of land in a community garden. After a year-and-a-half of city living, Derek and Dana were ready to immerse themselves in farm life and return to Pennsylvania. In early 2008 they accepted management positions at Spoutwood Farm in York County. While there, they learned about the wonderful opportunity at Anchor Run Farm, which brought them close to family roots in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Since their arrival at Anchor Run, Dana and Derek (now with the help of their two little farmers Abigail and Gabriel) have labored to grow the highest quality produce for their neighbors, while protecting the precious resources that allow the farm to thrive year after year.
What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of farming that brings together farmers, community members, and agricultural land into a mutually beneficial relationship.
Members of the community purchase a "farmshare" for a full growing season. This commitment implies a willingness to share with the farmer both the bounty from the land and at least some of the risks of its production. The farmer receives fair and guaranteed compensation. In return, members receive a variety of fresh picked produce, sustainably grown by farmers they personally know and trust.
See what's happening at our CSA
The image links below will take you to our three most recent "Notes From The Field" articles, which will give you a sense of working life on our farm. We hope you find them and the other information on this website useful and interesting!
Waterlogged and Productive Thaw
Waterlogged and Productive Thaw
All is Not Lost
All is Not Lost
Baby It's Cold Outside
Baby It's Cold Outside

More About CSA at
Anchor Run Farm

Our Harvest
Expectations A listing of the produce we anticipate providing to our members. Click here to see our 2016 Main Season harvest list! Click here for photos of the 2017 shares!
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After the Pick-up
Veggies 202 Our advanced course in Vegetology! Learn to recognize, prepare, and preserve the vegetables we grow.
Recipes Prepare delicious meals, even while cooking with vegetables you're not familiar with.
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Membership Details on the benefits and responsibilities of membership in Anchor Run CSA.
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Calendar Potlucks, workshifts, and more at-a-glance.
Calendar Potlucks, workshifts, and more at-a-glance.
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Our Farm
Farming Practices What makes our organic CSA function? Hard work, good staff, members, microbes, bacteria, soil...
Farmer Biographies It takes a lot — knowledge, patience, hard work — to run a CSA. These farmers have what it takes.
Farm History Cooperation among local citizens led to the preservation of precious farmland and the birth of Anchor Run CSA.
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