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The peas that we receive at Anchor Run Farm are snow peas and snap peas. Snow peas are flatter than garden peas, and since they are not fully opaque, you can usually see the shadows of the flat peas seeds within. Snap peas, a cross between the garden and snow pea, have plump pods with a crisp, snappy texture. The pods of both snow peas and snap peas are edible, and both feature a slightly sweeter and cooler taste than the garden pea. Green peas are bursting with nutrients. They provide very good amounts of 8 vitamins and 7 minerals, including Vitamins K and B6 and folic acid in addition to dietary fiber and protein.
Storing / Preserving:
If you will not be using fresh peas on the day of purchase, which is the best way to enjoy them, you should refrigerate them as quickly as possible in order to preserve their sugar content, preventing it from turning into starch. Unwashed, unshelled peas stored in the refrigerator in a bag or unsealed container will keep for several days. Fresh peas can also be blanched for one or two minutes and then frozen.
Preparation / Use Suggestions:

Some simple ways to enjoy your peas:
Add some fresh peas to green salads.
Sauté snap peas with shiitake mushrooms.
Mix green peas with chicken, diced onions and almonds to make a delicious and colorful chicken salad.
Mix snow peas in with your favorite vegetable stir-fries.
Fresh pea pods are a great food to pack in a lunch box.